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Meet the Founder of Trusting Capital Partners

Born in the mountains of Iraq during the war’s end, Ajvan Soufizadeh and his family faced tremendous adversity from a young age. His father was once captured while fleeing Iran through the mountains, but despite the danger, he remained committed to bringing his family to safety in the United States. After two years of waiting in Turkey, Ajvan and his family were finally accepted and moved to the United States in 1995.

Ajvan’s early work experience began under the management of his father, who worked for a major fast-food chain. Ajvan quickly learned the ins and outs of the business, and with his father’s guidance, he rapidly climbed the ranks to management. Throughout his tenure in the fast food industry, he developed exceptional leadership skills, honed his customer service expertise, and cultivated a strong work ethic.

From there, Ajvan held various management positions, including assistant manager at storage facilities and manager at other companies. However, he quickly realized that the traditional 9 to 5 was not for him and decided to start his own business. A rental car business emerged with a close friend, which was his foot in the door to entrepreneurship.

In addition to his experience in business, Ajvan has a construction and construction management background. He has held a project manager position, providing management services and project management to a commercial plumbing company.

Ajvan’s diverse management, entrepreneurship, and construction background uniquely qualifies him for apartment investments. His experience in project management and business ownership gives him a keen eye for spotting opportunities and managing projects, while his background in construction gives him the expertise needed to evaluate potential investments and execute renovations.

With a passion for creating value and a drive for success, Ajvan Soufizadeh is dedicated to helping his clients achieve their real estate investment goals. Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting, Ajvan has the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to help you succeed in the highly competitive world of apartment investment.


Our Team

Ryan Woolley


The benefits of multifamily were realized at a young age for Ryan as he watched his grandfather acquire apartments throughout Sacramento. His biggest takeaway was the quality of life those assets provided and the legacy his grandpa was able to leave behind because of them. Ryan took that vision, acquired a degree in accounting from Utah Valley University, and has used that knowledge to start and maintain a successful real estate business. What began with a focus on single family flips has now evolved into a portfolio of multi family assets spanning over 4 different states. Over the past 20 years Ryan has become a proficient underwriter which has been critical in mitigating risks, identifying opportunities, developing strategic operating plans, and optimizing overall investor returns. Ryan now lives in Orlando, FL as a single dad of two boys, creating a legacy of his own, and helping others do the same.

Tyler Deveraux


Tyler Deveraux is the managing partner of MF Capital Partners, a privately held, multifamily investment company, and has been investing in real estate for over 14 years. At the age of 21, he acquired his first student rental property, quickly understood the potential of the industry, and never looked back.

Today, Tyler controls over 1,500 apartment units, throughout 5 different states, with values north of $100 Million.

Tyler is also the Co-Founder & CEO of The Multifamily Mindset, an education company that provides new & seasoned investors with the training and support they need to acquire multi-family properties. Tyler has trained 1,000’s of new and seasoned investors to acquire multi-family properties, maintain a positive growth mindset, and live a rich, full life. Teaching, inspiring, and helping others is Tyler’s true passion.

Tyler now lives in Maui, HI with his wife Brittany & their two beautiful kids Paxton & Marley. .

Eric Chadderdon


Eric Chadderdon is one of the Founders and Managing Partners with Gibby’s Capital Investments, a real estate investment firm headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Having grown up in and around real estate in Oregon, primarily in single-family, he later saw the transition to multi-family investments being the way of the future for him and his family.

Eric has a Bachelor of Science in Health Science Studies and also General Business from Boise State University (Go Broncos!).

He spent over a decade in direct sales and management before making the transition full time to multi-family real estate. He’s made some of the strongest partnerships with other fast-moving, calculated, and successful real estate investment entrepreneurs.

As the head of Investor Relations Eric provides investors strategic opportunities to diversify their portfolios with multifamily properties. He provides insights on market activity, cost segregation, bonus depreciation, property performance, and manages quarterly earnings as well as annual K1 reports.

He frequently shares his experience and knowledge with other Multifamily operators and students looking to enter the multifamily investment space by participating with the Multifamily Mindset’s educational program and 3-day training workshops. He has been a guest on several podcasts, has articles written about him in both Yahoo Finance and the New York Weekly, and has been invited to speak at multifamily conferences across the nation.

One of his biggest passions is helping people get their money working hard for them rather than them working hard for their money.

Monika House


Monika House is the Founder of OllieRose Investments. She was first introduced to real estate investing with the mindset of owning and renting single family homes. It was always her long-term dream to invest and own apartment complexes. By using the strategy of real estate syndication, she soon realized this could be more than just a dream. Investing in commercial real estate has not only become a passion, but her full-time commitment! Immersing herself in real estate educational courses, seminars, conferences, and mentoring with the best in the industry, she developed the confidence to succeed and close deals. Monika started OllieRose Investments with the desire to create safer, cleaner, and desirable communities for families.

Monika earned her Business Degree in Marketing, Advertising & Management from Northwood University, a Nursing Degree from Mercy College of Ohio, and a Master’s Degree in Regulatory Affairs from The George Washington University. Throughout her career working in Health Care as a Registered Nurse and in Research as a Project Manager, she developed the skills necessary to be successful in managing large portfolios, multimillion dollar projects, and most importantly having compassion and understanding of other’s needs. She has a sense of urgency to solve problems and find solutions. Her expertise is focused on acquisitions, market analysis, and sourcing deals.

Monika was born and raised in Ohio and currently resides in North Carolina. In her free time, she enjoys focusing on health and wellness, being with family and friends, and spending time with her mini-labradoodle Bear.

Luis Zaragoza


Luis Zaragoza is a disabled military veteran and co-founder and managing partner of Tactical Multifamily Investments, LLC. With a distinguished career as an Army infantryman, Luis proudly served multiple deployments in Europe and the Middle East. He holds a Master’s degree in Information Management Systems and boasts numerous professional certifications in cybersecurity and management.

Luis’s commitment to safeguarding investors’ funds and maximizing returns is fueled by over a decade of experience in the real estate industry. A dedicated professional and Winter Garden, FL, resident, Luis’s passion for real estate investment and investor success is unparalleled.

Fayez Rumi


Fayez Rumi is a both a CFA Charterholder and a CAIA Charterholder. His experience ranges from managing 20% of all expenses through an IPO for a high-growth tech firm to creating a rebranding strategy for a small-cap public company. His role as the CFO of a behavioral health agency introduced him to the need for real estate to address our nation’s growing homelessness crisis. He leverages his experiences and skills from all these areas to design creative real estate strategies that deliver safe yet outstanding returns to investors.

AJ Dominguez


AJ Dominguez started what he calls his “real” career selling payroll two years after graduating from college. He quickly transitioned to lucrative roles in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device sales. At the age of 30, he purchased his first multi-family property with the cash he made from a big bonus he earned that year. During the first two years he owned the property, he managed it himself. From marketing his property, to finding qualified tenants; from answering the day-to-day maintenance calls, to even collecting rent in person. He did it all. After stabilizing the building, he hired a property management company and for the next few years, he was able to add extra passive income to his high-paying salary. This allowed him, like many young professionals dream of, to enjoy a far better lifestyle than his job income alone could afford at that time.

A few years later, AJ was approached by a real estate investment group and sold his property for twice the price he originally purchased it for. AJ from then on, has been strategizing for his next multi-family investment opportunity. He founded the Dominant Equity Group in 2022 with the vision of acquiring many more MF deals like his first and helping busy professionals do the same along the way.

AJ LOVES to travel for culinary, skiing, and scuba diving adventures when he can.

Brittany Cabey


Brittany Cabey is a real estate investor who focuses on asset management, broker relations, and acquisition. She is a passionate advocate for women in multi-family real estate and has taken the initiative to establish a thriving Women in Multifamily group in North Carolina. This group provides a supportive community and fosters opportunities for growth and empowerment. Growing up in New York City, Brittany witnessed the value of multi-family living, which sparked her interest in the world of multi-family investing. She pursued her educational journey and obtained a Master’s degree from New York University (NYU).

With seven years of transferable experience, Brittany has established herself as someone who consistently achieves outstanding outcomes and effectively advises clients on lucrative opportunities. Transitioning into multifamily investing was a effortless match for her. Throughout her career, Brittany has gained valuable experience in social services, research, finance, tech, and human resources. She has honed her skills in communication, organization, and implementing processes that drive impactful results. Brittany is known for her exceptional problem-solving ability and thrives on challenges. She is dedicated to making a positive impact on those around her and possesses a deep understanding of the goals and challenges faced by businesses. She leverages her expertise to drive organizational impact and deliver impressive returns for investors. Building and nurturing positive relationships is one of Brittany’s greatest strengths. She has cultivated strong connections with clients, contractors, and community leaders, enabling her to forge strategic partnerships that contribute to the success of her ventures. Her expertise in conducting interviews helps her identify and attract top talent, ensuring her team is comprised of individuals who bring immense value and align with their goals.

Brittany’s passion for the multi-family real estate industry is evident in her work. She has a genuine desire to drive positive change and is motivated by the opportunity to create exceptional living experiences for tenants while generating outstanding returns for investors. With Brittany leading the way, the multi-family real estate industry can expect innovative strategies, strong leadership, and a commitment to fostering growth and diversity. Through her Women in Multifamily group and multifaceted expertise, she is transforming the industry and inspiring others to achieve greatness in their own real estate endeavours.

What We Aim to Do

Our Vision

1. Building Wealth through Real Estate

Our vision is to empower individuals and businesses to build lasting wealth through strategic real estate investments. We strive to provide opportunities, guidance, and expert insights that unlock the full potential of real estate as a wealth-building asset class.

2. Creating Value for Our Clients

At Trusting Capital Partners, our vision revolves around creating exceptional value for our clients. We are committed to delivering tailored investment solutions, personalized guidance, and comprehensive services that drive tangible results and contribute to the long-term success of our clients’ portfolios.

3. Fostering Financial Freedom

We envision a future where financial freedom is within reach for everyone. Through our services, Trusting Capital Partners aims to empower individuals to take control of their financial destinies, achieve their goals, and create a secure and prosperous future for themselves and their families.

4. Innovative Strategies for Success

Trusting Capital Partners is driven by a vision of innovation and continuous improvement. We strive to develop and implement cutting-edge investment strategies, leveraging technology, market insights, and industry expertise to stay ahead of the curve and drive superior results for our clients.

5. Building Trusted Relationships

Trust is at the core of our vision. We aim to build strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients, founded on transparency, integrity, and mutual respect. Trusting Capital Partners is committed to being a reliable and trusted partner in our clients’ real estate investment journeys.

6. Positive Impact on Communities

Our vision extends beyond financial success to making a positive impact on the communities we serve. Trusting Capital Partners is dedicated to responsible investing, promoting sustainable practices, and contributing to the growth and development of local communities through our real estate investments.